Prior to admission:

1. Residents can only be admitted to permanent nursing home beds through the Single Entry Point system (SEP). SEP can be accessed by calling the Department of Social Development at 1-866-441-4340 (for the Saint John area).


The SEP panel meets weekly and produces a list of people waiting for nursing homes and deemed needing nursing home care. If a person passes panel, they are placed on the list, along with the three nursing homes they have chosen, in priority listing. When this list is received, our Admissions Committee meets and examines who has chosen us and their needs. If no bed is available, the applicants are placed on a waiting list.


2. Those who wish to come to Kiwanis Nursing Home must completely fill out our Application for Admission form and submit it to our Business Office.


3. They must show proof of Power of Attorney, which ensures the nursing home communicates with the proper person in all matters concerning the resident. A copy will be kept on file at the Nursing Home.


4. They must submit necessary information to the government’s financial assessor to determine a resident’s eligibility for subsidization and/or amount of costs he/she is responsible for. This financial assessment must be completed prior to admission.


The social worker you have been dealing with can provide necessary forms. Those who have applied to Kiwanis Nursing Home and have all necessary information completed will be notified when a bed is available. If the bed is accepted, the admission time is set (within 24 hours). If it is refused, the applicant’s name is removed from our waiting list and we must notify the Department of Social Development.


5. The Power of Attorney is encouraged to visit the day before admission to view the room and fill out necessary paperwork.


Admission Application
Each application is available in two formats:
1. in PDF format (click here) which you download, print and fax to us at 
(506) 432-3104
2. pickup at Kiwanis Nursing Home, 11 Bryant Drive, Sussex, NB (506) 432-3118


If you have any questions about the admission process, feel free to click here or drop by our office.


For more information on Going to a Nursing Home click here.



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